Jonna Wood is a Finnish-American nature & wildlife photographer, conservationist and Planet Positive Marketing pro currently living in Finland.

I live in a world of magic and beauty, kindness and compassion and I am in constant awe of the natural world. I try to portray that through my photography and storytelling. 


Jonna Wood is a Finnish American Nature and Wildlife Photographer who is passionate about biodiversity and animal rights.

Planet positive photography & marketing explained

1. As a Nature and Wildlife Photographer I contribute to the wider narrative about nature and its well-being. That narrative shapes our thoughts, behavious and actions on this planet.

That is why, I feel a sense of responsibility about how I photograph and portray nature.

To me Planet Positive Photography means:

– Acting in a way that respects nature and ALL of her inhabitants.

– Paying close attention to the narratives my content contributes to. For example not just showing a highly limited and glamourised side of nature in my photographs to contribute to the narrative, that there is plenty of pristine forests and cute and cuddly biodiversity left all over…when that is not the case. I also aim to tell the stories and the realities behind the beautiful pictures.


2. As an influencer and marketing multitalent I use my skills, photography and platforms to promote and lift up individuals and organisations, that are Planet Positive.

Biodiversity, kind and humane treatment of all animals including humans, freedom, inclusion, nature conservation and work to end violence towards nature; are a few of the areas I am passionate about.



Starry night in the arctic


Boardwalk to paradise - senja norway


Arctic Ocean with Oopz


Puljun Erämaa Lapland


Happy place


Magic in the woods


Puppy food ad for dagsmarkpetfood oy


Fall foliage


Wild selfie


re-wool ad for partioaitta


chasing waterfalls


Taking in the stars


Teno river at fall - Utsjoki Finnish lapland


Enjoying the fresh air


Not talking to you


Coffee in the woods




Making fire


Siberian jay


Northern lights and me


Life is a beach - Varanger peninsula


Lights in the moonlight


Autumn fog


Living the life


Wild fox cub in the woods


Finnish archipelago


Making memories - best friends last photoshoot


Looking for stars


Blog content for partioaitta

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