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WELCOME to my website and blog. My name is Jonna Wood. I'm a Finnish-American nature photographer, content creator, conservationist and responsible travel & marketing pro currently living in Finland. This website concentrates around photography related stories, tips and adventures. Solo vanlife and travels in the Nordics are also on the menu.


I live in a world of magic and beauty, kindness and compassion and I am in constant awe of the natural world. I try to portray that through my photography and storytelling. 

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Below you’ll find a gallery of my work.

Starry night in the arctic


Boardwalk to paradise - senja norway


Arctic Ocean with Oopz


Puljun Erämaa Lapland


Happy place


Magic in the woods


Puppy food ad for dagsmarkpetfood oy


Fall foliage


Wild selfie


re-wool ad for partioaitta


chasing waterfalls


Taking in the stars


Teno river at fall - Utsjoki Finnish lapland


Enjoying the fresh air


Not talking to you


Coffee in the woods




Making fire


Siberian jay


Northern lights and me


Life is a beach - Varanger peninsula


Lights in the moonlight


Autumn fog


Living the life


Wild fox cub in the woods


Finnish archipelago


Making memories - best friends last photoshoot


Looking for stars


Blog content for partioaitta

Y-tunnus 2900507-5
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