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Here’s what we can do for your business

Content & Marketing Photography

The need for original and brand specific visual content is ever increasing as your business competes for attention in the fast paced social media landscape.

How would it feel like if you had a library of scroll stopping images ready for the next six months?

I shoot atmospheric natural light product photos outdoors and in various settings fitting for your product. 10, 30 even 100 images of your products ready to use in your digital channels and to create a beautiful uniform instagram feed for your brand. Or perhaps updated visual appearance for your website.

I specialize in photographing outdoor, nature, responsible travel and sustainability related products in a natural setting. I’ve done photography for sustainable outdoor outfitters, ecotour businesses, domestic pet food producers and environmental organizations to name a few.

You can easily ship your product to me no matter your location and I can shoot it in a natural setting and include a human, dog or van life element and feel when needed.

Influencer marketing and collaborations

Currently my own online channels reach on average 50 000 users a month. My online presence concentrates around nature photography, outdoor adventures, solo female van life and in general ecocentric nature respecting life of a 40+ year old woman’s life with rescue dogs.

Large portion of my audience consists of Finnish women between the ages 25-45, whom appreciate the environment, sustainability, photography, dogs and enjoy nature. I also reach a small audience abroad, mainly in the United States due to my dual citizenship.

Should your product or service match my lifestyle and audience, we could possibly do a collaboration. In a collaboration package we can include the above content photography for your channels and an ad to my channels.

I recently started a YouTube Channel as well. It is a vlog type channel including photography, nature and van life/travel topics. It is possible to include your product here as well for example in a form of product photography tutorial vlog.

Get in touch and we’ll chat more about collaboration opportunities.

Nature photography courses and workshops

I travel to places with my van. If you would like to plan an event and offer for example your guests a nature photography outing or course as a part of a weekend get away, we should talk!

I love talking about nature photography and truly enjoy helping others to take better pictures and to enjoy the flow feeling of getting lost in nature photography.

I can teach, talk and collaborate fluently in Finnish and in English.

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