Exactly a year ago on this day of writing this blog post, I said it out loud.

I was recovering from a horrible employer experience which left me burnt out and with a beaten professional self esteem. I had just, in a haste, purchased a house to live in, to get away from a relationship that came to a surprising and heart breaking halt. AND I had to make the tough call to help one of my then three dogs over the rainbow bridge.

When it rains, it pours, they say. And in the beginning of 2021 it was pouring so hard over my life, that I wasn’t sure if and how to ever recover from it all.

Come spring and the beginning of summer. I had begun to crawl out of my hole towards the sun. I started to really think about what I want to do, how I want my life to look like. What are the strongest values I need to live by to find joy again?

I found three things that I value above all:

  • Freedom. I need to feel free in this one beautiful and short life. Not be bound by borders or places.
  • Creativity. I’m a freaking idea machine with a nothing is impossible attitude. I need to be able to innovate, visualise and create.
  • Nature. Anything and everything related. It is what I want to experience, protect and tell stories of.

Making the dream come true.

I had no clue where to start. But I had a vague idea what I wanted. It all started with an Instagram post, I made on this date. (One year ago of writing this blog).

On that post I specifically said:

” I am going to say it out loud.

My dream is to find a job that I can do partly remotely from anywhere. I dream of a small camper van, from which to work out of and on my free time adventuring and exploring with my dogs. I also want to do more photography. Photographing nature and wildlife is where I feel the most alive and truly present in the moment.

There, I said it, now come to momma!”

First solo van life parking for the night in Lapland.

It worked! To momma it came.

After clarifying my dream and then saying it out loud, it started to take on a life of its own in the back of my mind.

July, and a van with the specs I was looking for came for sale. I wasn’t going to…I was just browsing…just dreaming…I had thought maybe next year, but not yet…

The next day I called about the van. There were 5 other folks interested in it! Or that’s what the sales guy said, and I bought it 🙂

And after negotiating back and forward a couple of times, I also bought the van site unseen, that same day. The van began it’s way down from Oulu to me. And once I got it, I went to work on making it a home. Even made a whole YouTube video about it in my excitement!

After a lot of packing, me and my then two dogs hit the road. We had no plans really except to head north. In the beginning of the year, when I thought I had a steady good job and payed holidays, I had booked a cabin for the fall foliage in September in Utsjoki. Even that I now had the van and wouldn’t need a cabin, I decided to keep my promise and booking…after all Covid had impacted the travel industry hard already. Until we were due in Utsjoki then, we were going to just adventure and explore.

Somewhere in Lofoten Norway.

At first everything was new and scary with the van. And I wasn’t fully recovered and healthy yet either. Once we got over to Lapland, we stayed in the woods in the same area for a couple of days, just sleeping, eating, walking and repeating. After the much needed rest, we headed over to Norway and towards Lofoten. I still have video footage of the whole trip to go through, so let me know if you’d like to see it on YouTube at some point? For the sake of this story, I won’t go into details of the adventure of those several weeks.

Utsjoki, Northern Lights, a new home!

After many weeks on the road, we arrived in Utsjoki as planned. What a joy to shower with hot water!

Little did I know that this place, where I was now staying and enjoying the fall foliage waiting for the first northern lights of the season; would soon be my work place, and everything I had dreamed of a few months before.

Today, I am writing this blog post from my camper van. I have a job that lets me use my creativity, marketing and business experience…AND that I can, for the most parts, do remotely! Saying it out loud worked! Obviously this all didn’t just magically appear in my life. I made choices, grabbed opportunities and worked for it. But clarifying the dream and putting it out there, was the first step in making it happen.

I photograph more, for work and myself, like I wished. I’ve learned so much new stuff too and gotten pretty badass at shooting the northern lights. And I will spend this summer adventuring with the van again.

I hope this blog post might inspire you to believe in your dreams too. I’m so glad I had the courage to say mine out loud, even though at that moment it felt really unattainable. I have some new things I’ve started to get clarity on, new dreams to add to my life… I’m going to say those out loud soon too, though it’s freaking scary. So stay tuned!

Thank you for reading 💚Do join the journey of dream and freedom chasing, nature adventures, van stuffs and photography on Instagram and Facebook too!


Free adventurer, photographer, van lifer and nature lover.

Me and Oopz in Hamningber Norway June 2022.