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Hi, I’m Jonna Wood

A Photographer, content creator and a nature geek in finland.

When it came time to leave the game reserve behind, I busted out crying. I was in tears the whole 3 hour drive to the airport. It was on that trip back in 2008, my first taste of the African continent, that I started a journey back to me.

Soon after, I put my career at a global high paced telecommunications company on hold. 2009-2010 I lived in Mauritius. I found my self studying conservation biology, volunteering with whale and dolphin research and taking a photography course to learn my new DSLR. There was no going back!

Ok, so I went back to my old career for a bit. Turns out one doesn’t turn in to a professional nature photographer after one photo course on a tropical island.

Then life happened and I moved to the United states of America. It was there that I started getting payed for my photography. It was also there where I started my first own business helping businesses and organizations with Social Media Marketing.

I lived in America long enough to become a citizen. Long enough to graduate as a Professional Photographer from New York Institute of Photography. Long enough to be certified as Florida Master Naturalist by University of Florida. Long enough to shoot everything from families to forklifts and the women’s march. Long enough to build successful digital campaigns for political candidates, ecotourism agencies and environmental organizations, to name a few. Long enough to understand that my photography has to be nature and outdoors related. Long enough to call Amelia Island FL home.

Now I am enjoying life in Finland. Man, I’m enjoying life in Finland like crazy! The amount of nature here is wonderful. Spending a day in the woods and not meeting and other human being, extraordinary.

I don’t think the journey to one self is never really over. But now I feel like I haven’t just found the right path, I’ve taken some actual steps on it. 

I currently work for an environmentally conscious  outdoor retailer. I get to spend a lot of time outdoors creating content for digital marketing purposes and manage social media accounts. Not only do I get to enjoy nature myself, I get to inspire and help other to do so as well.

By falling in love with nature, I believe, we understand we are a part of it. By understanding the value, the necessity of nature’s bountiful existence, we are more likely to start cherishing and protecting it. That’s what I want to do via my photography and content creation, shine a light to the magic and beauty of nature. To evoke feelings of wonder, love and belonging.

If you are looking for a photographer to shoot your product outdoors, a content creator or social media manager for something nature & outdoors related: give me a shout, new adventures await.

Jonna Wood 


From my customers

Our web design, photography and Social Media Strategy has surpassed our expectations because of Jonna’s expertise and artistic abilities. Jonna took our vision to another level and we’re thankful she’s in our corner. On top of delivering wonderful products Jonna’s fun to work with! We recommend Jonna every chance we get.

Todd Roath, Managing Partner @ Forklift Express Atlanta GA

Our Sierra Club group has benefitted tremendously of the Social Media and Design help provided by Jonna and Some Strategist. Not only have we grown our member base since we started working with Jonna, but we have also been able to instigate actual change in the community. Jonna spearheaded a Sierra Club Social Media video campaign. She built the concept, shot and edited the video, created the Facebook ad campaign, managed the active campaign for best results and reported about the results and analytics in the end. The reach and engagement of this campaign were wonderful and we were able to see the results and ROI as we together contributed to actual environmental change in the community. I have truly enjoyed working with Jonna, she is a conscientious and genuine person who gets very excited about helping others and making the world a better place.

Julie Ferreira, Chair @ Sierra Club Nassau County Group

I had been impressed by the results Jonna had got on a local Facebook campaign and wanted to work with her on my election campaign. Some Strategist built my digital presence from group up, compared to the other candidates I started with zero social media presence. Personally I’m not a big Social Media person but I was able to trust Jonna to listen and understand my point of view and how to create visibility that was in line with who I am. Together we created something that I was not only comfortable with but very excited about. The cooperation was effortless and I was able to see the advantages and results of our project ; In fact with Jonna’s help I won the election. I would recommend Some Strategist and Jonna in a heartbeat.

Chip Ross, City Commissioner @ Fernandina Beach FL

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I am currently dreaming of life up in northern finland. Most of my new images are from up north.