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Hi, I’m Jonna Wood

A Finnish-American Photographer, Storyteller, Content creator,  Responsible Travel Pro and a nature geek living in Finland.

I specialize in nature and outdoor photography helping travel and sustainability related businesses and organizations with Digital Marketing and content.

I currently have a home in Turku Archipelago and a day job working in marketing and sustainability for a travel company in Utsjoki Lapland.

I also recently purchased a camper van and travel slow and solo with my rescue dog in the Nordics.

So I’m based somewhere between Southern Finland and Northern Norway, most of the time. Usually exploring and adventuring in nature.


Growing up I dreamed of being a biologist and saving whales. As I got older I gathered that it’s the multinational big corporations that truly have the option to change the world for the better, so I studied business and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in international business management and marketing.

Little did I know that years later I’d do some studies in Conservation Biology in the University of Mauritius and help with whale and dolphin conservation by doing social media and photography for a non profit. I’m also a University of Florida certified Florida Master Naturalist and a Professional Photography graduate from New York Institute of Photography.

I’ve lived on three continents, dipped my toes in all the oceans and been boiled in an unimaginable amount of life’s tragedies. I’ve gotten lost many a times along the way but I always come back to: Photography and the great outdoors.

You may have seen my work:


What people say:

“Jonna was truly a multi talent and easy to work with. She took responsibility of our store’s Instagram account and managed it, created quality content and interacted with people on Instagram and also in store, where she welcomed Instagram followers and created sales! Full of ideas and eager to start creating campaigns. Jonna also did content creation for our blog and wrote useful tips and inspirational stories for our customers and followers delight. On top of all this, she is also great photographer and not only used own photos on Instagram and blog, but we also bought high quality images for our general marketing use. Thank you Jonna!”

Jussi Verkkonen, Content Manager @ Partioaitta


“We have been very impressed with the professionalisms, creativity and efficiency with which Jonna gets things done. She is a reliable partner to work with. Jonna is a conscientious and a fun person to work with. Her positivity is contagious and her passion admirable. We truly recommend Jonna, every chance we get”

Jody Hetchka, General Manager @Kayak Amelia FL

“Our web design, photography and Social Media Strategy has surpassed our expectations because of Jonna’s expertise and artistic abilities. Jonna took our vision to another level and we’re thankful she’s in our corner. On top of delivering wonderful products Jonna’s fun to work with! We recommend Jonna every chance we get.”

Todd Roath, Managing Partner @ Forklift Express Atlanta GA

“Our Sierra Club group has benefitted tremendously of the Social Media and Design help provided by Jonna. Not only have we grown our member base since we started working with Jonna, but we have also been able to instigate actual change in the community. Jonna spearheaded a Sierra Club Social Media video campaign. She built the concept, shot and edited the video, created the Facebook ad campaign, managed the active campaign for best results and reported about the results and analytics in the end. The reach and engagement of this campaign were wonderful and we were able to see the results and ROI as we together contributed to actual environmental change in the community. I have truly enjoyed working with Jonna, she is a conscientious and genuine person who gets very excited about helping others and making the world a better place.”

Julie Ferreira, Chair @ Sierra Club Nassau County Group

“I had been impressed by the results Jonna had got on a local Facebook campaign and wanted to work with her on my election campaign. Jonna built my digital presence from group up, compared to the other candidates I started with zero social media presence. Personally I’m not a big Social Media person but I was able to trust Jonna to listen and understand my point of view and how to create visibility that was in line with who I am. Together we created something that I was not only comfortable with but very excited about. The cooperation was effortless and I was able to see the advantages and results of our project ; In fact with Jonna’s help I won the election. I would recommend Jonna in a heartbeat.”

Chip Ross, City Commissioner @ Fernandina Beach FL

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